2015 Columns

12/10/15 – Rizzo and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year: 2015 is over, but 2016 is looking questionable.

11/10/15 – The Annual “Why I Picked These Guys” Wrap-up: The November XFL draft is complete.

08/24/15 – The Nats Will Never Win It All (Pt.2): the two biggest obstacles to a championship

07/29/15 – Steroids Before Testing: although the evidence is far from complete, usage was less than previously thought.

07/21/15 – Trade Deadline Predictions: …and hopefully some of them will be right

06/10/15 – Top 10 Race Horses: American Pharoah re-ignites interest in horse racing

06/02/15 – Mechanics and the Brain: Trying to explain some anomalous pitching performances

05/20/15 – The Nats Will Never Win It All (pt.1 ): Why Strasburg is the worst pitcher in baseball this year

04/25/15 – The Non-Debate about Bonds: Some clarification about the latest in the Bonds saga

04/23/15 – Chris Rock’s Wrong: Rock’s rant about blacks and baseball is well off-the-mark

04/07/15 – The Name of Rose: Of course Pete Rose is in baseball news… again.

04/04/15 – Thou Shalt Be Saved: A recap of my XFL supplemental draft picks

03/14/15 – The 2015 Top Fantasy Prospects: A list of the top 50 prospects for 2015 and beyond

02/02/15 – Super No-Brainer: Did the Superbowl feature one of the biggest blunders in sports history?


2014 Columns

11/19 - There’s a Catch: Stanton’s deal might not have the biggest positive impact of the deals so far

11/05 - Why I Picked These Guys, Jr. : An overview of the 2014 XFL draft

10/31 - 2014 Post-Mortem:  A look back at my 10 Bold Predictions for 2014

10/30 - A Legend is Born:  Bumgarner’s performance: the beginning or the end?

05/27 - Mythical Pitching:  Are FIP, xFIP, SIERA better predictors of future performance than ERA? I hope so.

05/14 - Mr. Hustle Drops the Ball:  Great defense (or bad Nats’ managing?) gets the Reds a win.

03/31 - Ten Bold Predictions for 2014:  Oh yeah, they’re bold. I promise.

03/26 - The 2014 Fantasy Prospect List:  The top 50 prospects for fantasy keeper leagues.

03/14 - An Appreciation:  A brief eulogy for one of my favorite people in baseball.

01/10 - The Quest:  Someone has to get into the Hall of Fame with 100% of the vote, don’t they? Yeah, this guy.




2013 Columns

12/06 – Can Not: what the Cano signing means to the Mariners and the Yankees

11/06 – Why I Picked These Guys Again: A quick look at the players I acquired in the November XFL draft

10/17 – An Alternative to Wins: Fantasy players looking for a better category than wins might find it here.

08/21 – Notes from the Dog Days: Four potential elite players who have shown positive signs going forward

03/28 – XFL 2013 Nativity: Christmas comes in March for everyone who plays fantasy baseball

03/27 – Top Prospects, Part 2:  My top 100 list

03/20 – Top Prospects, Part 1:  This is an aggregation of the top prospect lists for 2013

03/14 – Baseball’s New Dirty Little Secret - the Oakland As don’t play Moneyball?  Say it isn’t so!

01/27 – Up, Up and a Hey: rating the deal that sent Justin Upton to the Braves.

01/20 – The Call of Squawkers:  Cheating and the Hall of Fame

01/19 – The Fail of Statistics:  Why the Hall of Fame should not become the Hall of Statistics

01/08 – In Another League: Is the SEC really that much better?



2012 Columns

12/12 – the Hall of Shame?: do Bonds and Clemens deserve enshrinement?

11/06 – Why I Picked These Guys:  a quick post-mortem of my XFL Draft
10/15 - The National Nightmare: the Nationals lost Game 5 but not for the reasons most are citing.
10/02 - Strasburg and the AL MVP:  My thoughts on the Strasburg shut-down and the MVP race
08/01 - Analyzing the trade deadline deals:  Who won and who lost the trades.
02/21 - It Could Happen:  My "teams to surprise" predictions for 2012.
01/18 - What'd Yu Brang:  what did the Rangers get by signing Yu Darvish?
01/15 - The Talented Mr. Rizzo:  The Nationals big splash so far this winter was trading for Gio Gonzalez
01/09 - Squandered Opportunity:  LSU failed to show up in the biggest game in the school's history.



2011 Columns

11/15/11 - Once More Into the Breach... : A round-by-round look at the XFL Draft for 2012
10/01/11 - Looking Ahead at the 2011 Achievers:  what can we expect from these pitchers in 2012.
08/23/11 - Not My Year:  Winning fantasy baseball is as much about timing as it is strategy.
07/18/11 - Single-year League Gambit:  Variations in valuation and waiver speculation
07/13/11 - The Greatest Yank:  Derek Jeter passes a milestone
06/17/11 - Yay Team: a quick look at some of this year's best rookies
06/10/11 - This and That:  The old Yankees and the new.
06/06/11 - Your 2014 World Champion is...:  one team scored a major coup in this year's draft
05/30/11 - Is It Possible?:  Does a slow start through the first third of the season mean it's over already?
05/27/11 - No Press Allowed:  "Sports reporting" has become a misnomer.

05/23/11 - Wither Amazing:  Jose Bautista's amazing follow-up season

05/09/11 - History in the Making?: UCLA's Trevor Bauer's epic season might be a sign of bigger things.
05/04/11 - One Sixth Notes:  observations from around the league after one-sixth of the season is complete
04/15/11 - Notes from Around Baseball:  a breakout season from Upton is at hand and other notes.
04/09/11 - I Don't Know What I'm Talking About...yet:  keeper league strategy
03/31/11 - This Is How It Begins:  The XFL supplemental draft is completed with many surprises.
03/30/11 - Spring Notes:  Just some observations from about 20 games I've watched this spring.
01/26/11 - Tout Wars Strategy:  What I would do this year on Draft Day if I was playing NL-only

01/21/11 - XFL Epic Fail: Looking back, my XFL draft was worse than I thought.  Maybe you can help?
01/06/11 - What Next for the Hall of Fame:  Blyleven finally gets in, so who should be next?



2010 Columns

11/08/10 - Anatomy of a Keeper Draft - Round by round evaluation of the XFL Draft
07/14/10 - The Death of Napoleon -  What will George Steinbrenner's legacy be?
07/09/10 - The All-Star Shame - a look at the systems that produce bad choices and bad reffing.
06/23/10 - The Year of the Rookie? - A number of impact players have made their debut, but is this year historically good?

06/14/10 - Merry Strasmas - Stephen Strasburg makes his debut plus the future of the Nationals
06/07/10 - What We Learned Today - the amateur draft, the first round of the NCAA baseball playoffs and a closer in waiting.
06/04/10 - What Happened to Grady - Sizemore's future, his replacement this year and what's up with Jose Bautista.
05/26/10 - Help Is On The Way, 8th Edition - pitchers on the farm who could have fantasy impact this year and beyond.
05/21/10 - Who is This Guy? - Mike Stanton is re-writing records in AA, but what will he do when he reaches the majors?
05/20/10 - How I Got This Smile - what's wrong with Gordon Beckham, Grady Sizemore and Carlos Pena? and can the leaders in homers keep it up?
04/10/10 - This year in the XFL - Some notes from the spring XFL draft that might help in your keeper leagues.
02/07/10 - Why the Saints Will Win the Superbowl - As good as Peyton Manning is, there is another team playing



2009 Columns

12/11/09 - The Winter Meetings - How bad was the Ivan Rodriguez signing?  Maybe not quite as bad as it seems.
11/21/09 - The Cat in the Hat - Les Miles is not the reason LSU lost against Ole Miss
11/16/09 - 2010 - an XFL Odyssey - a very early look at the 2010 XFL keeper league
11/13/09 - This Kettle is Black -  The Nats make a ill-advised decision on who to lead their club.
11/10/09 - Put That Man Down! - Observations from my trip to the Arizona Fall League.
06/20/09 - Youth is Served - a quick preview of the College World Series final and a review of the tourney
06/11/09 - Not Even Babe Ruth Would Help - Not even the greatest player ever can save this team from this manager
04/24/09 - Why Manny Must Go - Maybe Manny Acta isn't the right guy for the manager's job in Washington
04/10/09 - National Treasure - a 3-part look at the Washington Nationals present and future.
03/01/09 - No More Kicking - Will Jim Bowden get the credit he deserves after his resignation?
02/09/09 - Here We Go Again - What?!  Steroids are back in the news?  I thought we fixed that.  Here's the real solution.
01/05/09 - The Same Old Notes - the media drum beats for title consideration for USC but they still haven't proven anything



2008 Columns
12/31/08 - Time to Turn the Page - here's my follow-up from the last column - the things I forgot - to end the year. 
12/23/08 - I'm not dead yet... - It's been a while since I've posted. It remains to be seen if my brain is still working though.
08/18/08 - The Greatest -  Some thoughts on Michael Phelps and this Olympiad.
08/13/08 - Darvish - There was both good and bad in Yu Darvish's Olympic start against Cuba
08/01/08 - Are You Ready... - Just a few thoughts about the upcoming college and pro football seasons.
07/07/08 -   It Is What It Is - Looking ahead to the second half and to next year.
06/03/08 - The Failure of Moneyball - as a draft philosophy, Beane's revolution has not lived up to the hype.
05/06/08 - Early May notes - a few casual observations from the first month of the '08 season
03/09/08 - Gotta Do what I Gotta Do - a few spring notes from both leagues
01/07/08 - Title Talk - a look at USC's "dynasty" and a preview of tonight's championship game



2007 Columns
12/04/07 - Tiger by the Tail - despite its flaws, did the BCS pick the right teams to play for the championship?
10/20/07 - A Little Help Here - thoughts on the BCS, Marion Jones and ARod
10/05/07 - Random Thoughts on the NLDS - the title says it all
10/01/07 - the 2007 Loudoun Independent archive
09/18/07 - More of the Same - What are the college football pollsters watching because it clearly sn't football
09/15/07 - Over-rated - It's what I have in common with the BCS and ESPN.
08/15/07 - The Next King Felix? - Do the Rockies have the next great young starting pitcher?
07/07/07 - Good Luck/Bad Luck: AL Version - more on the hot and not of BABIP
06/28/07 - Good Luck/Bad Luck: NL Version - BABIP might fortell the fortunes of many pitchers
05/09/07 - Help is on the Way, 6th Edition - minor league pitchers who can help your fantasy team this year
04/20/07 - Managing Adversity - What do Tee-ball, Wilt Chamberlain and Rick VandenHurk have in common?   This column.
04/13/07 - Friday the 13th - stuff from the games on Thursday and Friday
04/11/07 - Some Game Notes - no fancy intro, just observations from this week's games
04/09/07 - A New Hope - A quick look at my AL Scoresheet and NL Tout Wars teams
04/07/07 - We've Had a Problem - the Strat-o-matic 1969 season concludes
04/04/07 - Highlights - My top 5 tunes for sports video along with a few notes on the Nats, Angels and Yanks from the first week.
03/27/07 - Crazy Predictions - the energy of spring has overwhelmed my sense of reason.
03/15/07 - This Year's Arms Race - statistical indicators point to which pitchers to buy and which to avoid.
03/13/07 - Tribute - last year's AL Tout Wars race inspired me to research the "very first fantasy" baseball league.
03/04/07 - Hey Big Spenders - even though the free agent crop wasn't that deep, teams opened up the checkbooks in a big way
02/22/07 - Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler - I get inspiration for a Strat-o-matic team from Mardi Gras.
01/09/07 - Good Morning, Prince Myshkins - the final revelations of bowl season are as mysterious as the universe itself.




2006 Columns
12/28/06 - Just Drop the "C" - The BCS got the title game right, but blew the rest of the schedule
11/17/06 - I Might Be Wrong, but... - A quick look at the big deals that have happened so far this winter.
10/02/06 - LaRussa's Curse - the Cardinals made it to the World Series, but how will they fare?
09/29/06 - Just the Beginning? - James Loney's huge day might have significant future implications
09/19/06 - Argh, Matey - The Jeter MVP push has me so crazy, I be talking like a pirate, arrr...
09/07/06 - The Flaming Bush - The immediate future of Reggie Bush looks very bright
08/30/06 - Two Pitchers - are the wheels coming off for Jered Weaver, and will AJ Burnett turn it around?
08/22/06 - Premature Proclamation - throwing another name into the discussion of AL MVP candidates.
08/19/06 - Youth is Served - Cleveland's ongoing issues, plus a bunch of rookies who'll come up big this September.
08/14/06 - Prospecting - notes on some high profile young talents
08/09/06 - No Crying in Baseball - The SOMBOE season concludes with both success and disappointment
08/04/06 - It Could Be Maybe - some interesting numbers that might signal second half surgers and slumpers
08/03/06 - Dude, Where's My Arm? - how useful is K/BB? Maybe not as much as conventional wisdom thinks.
07/31/06 - The Deed is Done - final analysis of the trade deadline transactions
07/30/06 - It's a Small World After All - this year's trade deadline has become unusually active
07/27/06 - This and That - teams in limbo with young players, a trade suggestion for the Nats/Yanks and a fantasy tip for the stretch run.
07/23/06 - Trade Dudline - The latest Bonds developments and trade ruminations
07/16/06 - The Trade - a few comments on the Nats/Reds trade plus a look at possible deadline deals
06/30/06 - Midsummer notes - a few observations on some recent pitching performances
06/23/06 - Return of the King - Roger Clemens and several other pitchers make their returns to the bigs.
06/22/06 - Rookie Revolution - with so many great rookie pitchers, there's plenty to be excited and cautious about.
06/21/06 - It's Quasi-Greek to Me - how effective is baseball's Pythagorean theorem?
06/17/06 - Blue Jay Way a quick look into the future of Toronto's rotation
06/15/06 - Twice Bitten - It's June so it's time to talk about trading
06/11/06 - I'd Like a "K", please - why are so many strikeout pitchers not doing their thing?
06/08/06 - Hair of the Dog - thoughts about Matt Lawton, AJ Burnett, Melvin Mora and the Seattle closers.
06/07/06 - The Need For Speed - it's Strat-o-matic season again
05/29/06 - Scouting the Pitchers - what the boxscore doesn't tell you could be as important as what it does.
05/27/06 - Time To Go - A few managers have worn out their welcomes and a few stars going in opposite directions
05/23/06 - Fantasy Notes - a few observations from my appearance on ESPNews
04/23/06 - Early Season Vent - some bad defense hides a pitching gem and some slow starters about to get better
04/18/06 - Is It Me? Are there clutch hitters?  Are Jon Papelbon and Chris Shelton for real? 
04/14/06 - Weekend ObservationsSo many home runs yet where is Bonds?
04/12/06 - Nats Notes- a few observations from the Nationals Opening Day and some other sundries
04/04/06 - Barry's World - The real differences between Ruth and Bonds
03/29/06 - FantasyLand - a quick review of this year's Tout Wars draft
03/16/06 - Bracket-astrophe - My picks for March Madness
01/04/06 - Rumblin', Bumblin' Stumblin' - USC's potential three-peat smells a lot like Atlanta's "14 straight"



2005 Columns
12/25/05 - Christmas Presents - more notes on the latest deals and transactions
12/08/05 - Winter Meetings Wrap-up - a flurry of deals are made as the meetings closed
12/07/05 - The Winter Meetings - a flurry of trades and signings offer plenty to ponder
12/01/05 - Free Agent Frenzy - the first wave of free agent signing augur troubles down the road
11/29/05 - Luck of the Draw - when are "greats" not-so-great, and vise versa?
11/26/05 - Let the Madness Begin - The offseason has begun with it's usual craziness.
10/13/05 - LDS Review/LCS Preview - the playoffs have already revealed clues about next year.
10/02/05 - Playoff Preview - how the first round of the playoffs should shake out.
09/30/05 - How I Lost Tout - my worst season in AL Tout Wars mercifully comes to an end
09/29/05 - Pobre Padres - The Padres finally lock up the NL West, but how good are they?
09/26/05 - State of the Nationals - after a successful first season, what lies ahead for DC's team
09/22/05 - Award Winners - a look at the races for MVP, Cy Young and Manager of the Year
09/12/05 - Assessing the Races - who's most likely to win the wild cards and which unknown players might stop them
09/11/05 - Brave's Nation - the proponents of Cox and Mazzone have founded a new religion... seriously!
09/02/05 - The Party's Over - although they aren't mathematically eliminated yet, the Nats' season is over.
08/30/05 - It Doesn't Always Add Up - Stats don't always tell the whole story; they can even be misleading
08/24/05 - Randa-mizing - how the Royals' ineptitude and steroids can be connected
08/15/05 - Impact Call-ups - the first of a wave of excellent rookies has arrived on the scene
08/14/05 - SOMBOE!! - How the Battle of Agincourt, Pythagorean theorem and Strat-o-matic baseball fit together.
08/07/05 - The Opposite of Runs - RFK is tough on offense, but Frank Robinson didn't help today
08/02/05 - Nats Notes - the team's struggles in one-run games recently and what the future holds
08/01/05 - Rafael Palmeiro - assessing the fall-out of testing positive for steroids.
07/30/05 - Deadline Wrap-up - rating the deadline deals, such that they were
07/29/05 - Crazy Train - the Padres finally deal Nevin and other possible transactions
07/18/05 - Mid-July Merry-Go-Round -  examining some of the trade rumors and one that already went down
07/15/05 - Off We Go - who has been luckier: the Braves or the Natsand what's happening on the trade front.
07/09/05 - Good Question... NEXT! - Books about juicing and how we measure speed
07/03/05 - Not Your Father's Padres - the Padres made the first of what may be a bevy of deadline trades
06/24/05 - Realism or Reality - drawing parallels between my SOMBOE3 team and the Nationals.
06/23/05 - Music to My Ears - a whimsical examination of music's effect on baseball players
06/20/05 - Knick-Knack Notes - Various observations on some of the pitching performances from the last several days
06/17/05 - Smarter Than the Average Bear -  Is National's GM Jim Bowden a genius or just really, really lucky?
06/12/05 - How 'Bout Dem Nats! - the Nationals have a lot of momentum going and it may not slow down for a while
06/06/05 - A Whole New Ballgame - My first taste of a Strat-o-matic baseball league seems oddly familiar (4 parts)
06/04/05 - The Face of Baseball - ESPN missed the boat when naming the player that best represents the game's present and future.
06/03/05 - On the Fly - good waiver pick-ups are critical to fantasy baseball success.  Which positions yield the most value?
06/01/05 - Ready for Takeoff - which of these 13 hitters off to slow starts are showing signs of rebounding
05/21/05 - The 5th Annual "Help Is On The Way" Column - minor league pitchers who could help this year
05/03/05 - Two Princes - two young left-handed AL starters off to promising starts
05/01/05 - Post Mortem - some follow-up on previous columns and a few notes about Saturday's Nats/Mets rainfest
04/26/05 - I could Be Wrong - I blew the save on Cubs' closers and accidentally destroy four careers... sorry, guys!
04/25/05 - Inside the Boxscore - the final numbers don't always tell the whole story.
04/23/05 - Radar Love - hard-throwers that are on their way up, back and down
04/17/05 - The Latest Discoveries - are these AL hot starts the real deals or just actors?
04/16/05 - Cold Starts - predicting the near future of twelve AL hitters who are off to horrible starts to this season.
04/05/05 - Opening Day's Potpourri - a few notes, observations and recollections about the start of the season
03/28/05 - Where's Trace? - a synopsis of my draft at this year's AL Tout Wars
04/01/05 - The Wild West - a quick look at the impact of the new players in the NL West
03/14/05 - Middle Ground - a quick look at the impact of the new players in the NL Central
03/13/05 - A Brave New World - a quick look at the impact of the new players in the NL East
03/12/05 - Best Western - a quick look at the impact of the new players in the AL West
03/08/05 - Grand Central - a quick look at the impact of the new players in the AL Central
03/06/05 - Beasts (and Leasts) of the East - a quick look at the impact of the new players in the AL East.
03/01/05 - Changes for the Better - there will be a few changes to this site coming soon



Columns on the Relocation of the Expos to Washington DC
12/15/04 - Are We There Yet? - DC's possibly fatal self-inflicted wound to bring baseball back
08/20/04 - Ce qui s'est produit à Montréal - Why didn't baseball work in Montreal?
06/19/04 - I Guess Not - Norfolk tries to drum up more support for relocating the Expos there.
06/10/06 - For The Last Time... Hopefully - Where to move the Expos... does it get more obvious?
09/12/03 - The DC Conundrum - why not let the Expos play some games in DC in 2004?
08/28/03 - Capitol Punishment - debunking the myths surrounding DC as a viable market
08/09/01 - Move it or Lose it - Relocation of several teams will help level the playing field



2004 Columns
12/12/04 - What a Surprise!! - reaction to the steroid usage confessions of Giambi and Bonds
11/19/04 - More Hot Stove - looking at the latest National trade and some of the recent signing rumors
11/18/04 - Ramblin' Men - more speculation on where the top free agents will wind up
11/17/04 - Where are they going? - comments on the first free agent signings and additional speculation on others
11/06/04 - How great was that?! -  some perspective on the World Series. 
10/09/04 - Twin Killing - apparently, the Twins have a similar "curse" to that of the Cubs and Red Sox.
10/07/04 - Please... not again!!! - do the Twins have a "Curse" as well?
10/05/04 - The Playoff Match-ups: NL - the keys to the NL first round series.
10/04/04 - The Playoff Match-ups: AL - what will be the keys to moving on to the ALCS
10/03/04 - AL Tout Wars Review - the season wrap-up in Tout.
09/20/04 - Pitching for Next Year - Nine starting pitching sleepers for next year
09/10/04 - Do Match-ups Work? - advice on maximizing productivity in a close fantasy race
09/05/04 - The Hit Machine - Ichiro's run at Sisler is more important than it's getting credit for.
08/29/04 - More September Pitching Notes (AL) - dead arms, call-ups and pennant races
08/26/04 - Entering the Stretch - Why the race in your fantasy league is far from over
08/23/04 - August Scouting Notes - notes on a few players who are being heralded as impact call-ups
08/17/04 - Pitching Down the Stretch (NL) - pitchers in the NL who are hot for September
08/09/04 - Pitching Down the Stretch (AL)  - which pitchers are heating up going into the final stretch
07/31/04 - Rating the Deadline Deals - the winners - both real and fantasy - of this weekend's trades
07/29/04 - Time for a Blockbuster - a far-fetched trade scenario for Randy Johnson might not be so far-fetched.
07/23/04 - Very Superstitious - how I saved the Red Sox' season; and what does a closer look like?
07/20/04 - Buy Low, Buy Now - here's quick list of hitters who should be much better from here on out.
07/19/04 - If I were a GM - who is going where before the July 31 deadline
07/11/04 - All-Star Break BLog - daily notes on the first half before taking a little break.
07/06/04 - The Importance of Being Gagne - the consecutive saves streak finally ends, but is it a great record?
07/02/04 - More AL Pitching Notes - a disastrous duo - Cleveland's pen and Matt Riley - still have some hope.
07/01/04 - Tout Mid-season Review - why some players are a Catch-22
06/30/04 - Second-Half Pitchers - Franklyn German, Nate Field and strikeout records
06/29/04 - Midsummer Mishmash - notes on Texas' pen, Orlando Cabrera and the Twins' rotation
06/26/04 - Big News in Baltimore - the O's turn to old friend Ray Miller to help their pitching corps.
06/23/04 - Press Box Notes - a few more notes on the O's and a tidbit about Billy Wagner's greatness
06/22/04 - Notes from the Couch - quasi-scouting notes on a couple of pitchers and odd facts about the Giants
06/18/04 - What is Beltran Worth? - a more in-depth look at the rumored Padres/Royals deal
06/13/04 - Weekly Notes - some scouting observations from this weekend's Giant/Oriole match-up
06/09/04 - Nice Game, Blue - a very short story from long-time reader Phil Barber.
06/08/04 - The Pen is Mightier - bullpen usage can sometimes give clues as to which teams will survive the summer.
06/02/04 - Another All-Star Flap - the latest development in what is becoming an annual embarrassment
05/30/04 - What Was That Noise? - Fantasy team off to a bad start?  Panic!!... not.
05/28/04 - Over My Head - a quick look at some of this season's over-achieving hitters
05/27/04 - Take Me to the River - Underachieving hitters: slow starts or reason for concern?
05/25/04 - One Man's Team - a possible career change in the offing for someone?
05/16/04 - This Week's Potpourri - AL pitchers who could be changing roles
05/14/04 - More Scouting Notes - more observations from this week's games
05/06/04 - Off the Cuff - just a few observations on some pitching surprises.

04/27/04 - Help is Here - AAA pitchers ready to help major league and fantasy teams right now
04/22/04 - Chasing Ben - Is Bonds really as amazing as the media is making him out to be?
04/24/04 - April Scouting Notes - talented newcomers with a chance to make an impact
04/18/04 - Ten Games in: NL - Similarly to the AL, some surprising contenders are emerging.
04/17/04 - Ten Games in: AL - 10 games is enough to provide clues as to how the season will unfold
04/15/04 - Pitching the Hall - pitching coaches in the Hall of Fame?   Sure, but who?
04/14/04 - Misfire and Reload - three surprising pitchers and one disappointing hitter
04/12/04 - Soft Lefty - is Brian Anderson the next Jamie Moyer?
04/10/04 - The First Week in Tout - strategy for replacing several injured AL players.
04/09/04 - TNSTAAPP - a different perspective on a controversial theory regarding prospects
04/08/04 - The Animal House - A few thoughts on the Padres' opener at their new ballpark
04/06/04 - Timebombs and Flowerbeds - predicting several spring pitching busts and bloomers
04/05/04 - Help is on the Way - four young hitters who could make a surprising impact
04/01/04 - 2004 Quick NL Preview - who will win the NL races
03/30/04 - 2004 Quick AL Preview - who will win each division and why
03/29/04 - Tout Rides Again - a brief overview of AL draft strategy this year
03/16/04 - The Rite of Spring - the first fantasy draft signals that spring has arrived
02/17/04 - Is YRod Good for the Game? - does it matter if the Yankees are good?
02/16/04 - Full of Sound and Fury... - a look at the recent Yankees/Rangers trade
01/06/04 - Sensory Deprivation - baseball is in need of an infusion of common sense



2003 Columns
11/05/03 - It's ARod's fault - does his contract really hinder the Rangers?
10/16/03 - The Real Curse, part 2 - not to be outdone, Grady Little tries on horns
10/16/03 - The Real Curse - the real goat isn't the goat for the Cubs.
10/15/03 - Notes on the Second Round - Curses?  Try the managers.
10/08/03 - The First Round and Beyond - a final look at the first round and who will move on
10/04/03 - The First Round - a quick look at what went on Saturday
10/01/03 - The Best Team Wins - is regular season record a reasonable indicator of postseason success?
09/30/03 - Playoff Preview - quick analysis of the playoff participants and who is likely to move on
09/29/03 - The Season Ends - assessing my finish in Tout
09/27/03 - Tout Wars Finale - the final weekend will determine the champ
09/25/03 - Who is the MVP - assessing the current MVP candidates
09/21/03 - Passing Out the Awards - who I think should win the postseason awards
09/17/03 - Late Season Puzzlers - September is usually when non-contender managers look to next year.
09/12/03 - The DC Conundrum - why not let the Expos play some games in DC in 2004?
09/11/03 - Postseason Edge - which teams look poised to go deep into October
08/28/03 - Capitol Punishment - debunking the myths surrounding DC as a viable market
08/27/03 - A Mouth Full of Nan-sense - things that make you go "wha...?"
08/26/03 - The High Price of Going Home - how good of a deal did the Padres get?
08/16/03 - More Unbreakable Records - are they really unbreakable?
08/09/03 - Closing Out the Season - who are the best bets for second half saves
08/08/03 - The Untouchable Record - it's probably not the one you're thinking
08/01/03 - They Got What? - a look at who actually benefitted from deadline deals
07/27/03 - The Unwatched Pot - two of baseball's on-going sagas are getting particularly annoying
07/24/03 - Watch the Game - watching baseball games adds a new dimension to fantasy stat analysis.
07/14/03 - AL Tout - 2nd Half Preview - looking foward by looking back at the season so far
06/27/03 - Obtane and Inuse - two managers costing their teams a chance at the playoffs
06/26/03 - Pop Quiz - a quick quiz on some of the current stat leaders in the major leagues.
06/25/03 - This and That - observations on Hairston, Escobar and the younger Giambi
06/24/03 - Rating the Rumors - how likely are these trade rumors to come true?
06/20/03 - They Won't Go Away - two players still hoping for a return to glory
06/18/03 - The Unknown All-Star - this pitcher deserves a spot but likely won't get it.
06/09/03 - Fallen Padres - are the Padres really the worst team in in NL?
06/06/03 - Expert League Update - odds and ends from Mixed Nuts and Tout.  
06/04/03 - Sammy and the Bat - the furor over Sosa's corked bat borders on the absurd
06/02/03 - The Amateur Draft - a few notes on this year's amateur draft.
06/02/03 - A Few Minutes with Showalter - I had a chance to ask the Ranger manager a few questions.
06/01/03 - Fish or Cut Bait - six players who's seasons are about to change... or not.
05/29/03 - The First Big Trade of 2003 - analyzing Boston's trade with Arizona
05/28/03 - Counting More Pitches - workload concerns for several young starters.
05/23/03 - May Flowers - some old and new names are blossoming as summer nears
05/22/03 - Pitchers on the Rise - a glimpse at pitchers in AAA who might contribute this year
05/17/03 - This Week in Roto - a few observations on sleepers waiting to be awakened
05/15/03 - Two Teams, Opposite Directions? - The futures of the A's and Expos.
05/04/03 - The Bad and The Ugly - the Tigers, Grady Little and a Tout Wars update
05/03/03 - Odds and Ends
- Palmeiro, the Dodgers and the All-Star game    
04/27/03 - Enough is Enough
- Montreal is proving indifferent to baseball  
04/24/03 - Doctor My Eyes
- Perhaps the obvious is harder to see than it looks.
04/19/03 - Bottom of the East
- a few notes from the recently concluded D-Rays/Orioles series      
04/18/03 - The Walking Men
- there are some surprises among the early walk leaders.  
04/15/03 - More Fast Starts
- more early season surprises analyzed
04/11/03 - Fast Starts and Other Oddities
- sorting through some of the early season surprise stars.
04/09/03 - The First Ten Games
- Impressions of the early surprises so far  
04/02/03 - Starting Pitcher Stats
- I've compiled a stats database for 248 starting pitchers
03/17/03 - Down the Rabbit Hole -The Tout Wars draft review

NL East Preview - a changing of the guard atop the East
AL East Preview - the balance of power begins to shift
AL Central Preview - a budding rivalry and three teams rebuilding
NL Central Preview - it's a three-team cage match for the division crown
NL West Preview - will last year's second best division race have a sequel?
AL West Preview - a cursory look at the contenders in baseball's best division



2002 Columns
10/25/02 - Is He for Real? - Barry Bonds: Man, Myth or Medicine?
08/17/02 - Another Cold War? - my thoughts on the labor situation
07/12/02 - Fish Trading- the Marlins' most recent trades offer a valuable fantasy lesson.
The Perfect American - The passing of a legend.
THE Statman- Stats are great, but this guy tells you the story behind them
06/28/02 - Rating the Trade - the Expos finally get some major league talent in a trade
06/26/02 - Everyone's Loss - reflection on the untimely passing of Jack Buck and Darryl Kile
06/20/02 - LIMA-time in Limbo - a great fantasy strategy needs an update
06/19/02 - Absolutely FAAB - How free agent bidding can be more than just acquiring players.
06/12/02 - Pre-Summertime Blues - Two bad weeks aren't the end of the season.
05/30/02 - This Week in Tout - You can be assured I won't use the acronym
05/22/01 - Strange Days - Today's Giambi/Mabry deal is a puzzle
05/15/02 - The String's Already Broken - This week's Tout update has a Rocky Mountain feel.
05/11/02 - The Strife of Reilly - SI's Rick Reilly weighed in on fantasy sports; one fantasy owner weighs back
05/10/02 - The Problem with Pitching Prospects - are they as valuable as hitting prospects?
05/08/02 - We Seek the Grail - Peter Gammons and the Devil Rays top this week's Tout review.
05/01/02 - Modern Problems- The wisdom of Chevy Chase helps me deal with a slow start in Tout Wars.
04/28/02 - April Surprises - Some of the fast starts have a very good chance to continue
04/17/02 - Don't Panic - Early season results shouldn't cause any drastic changes in strategy
04/13/02 - Game Theory - 'A Beautiful Mind' comes to baseball
04/07/02 - No Respect - Ten pitchers who are on the verge of a breakout season
03/31/02 - The Importance of Spring Pitching Stats - are there hints of breakout seasons?
Spring Previews - AL East, AL Central, AL West, NL East, NL Central, NL West
03/20/02 - Projectable Dominance - a new fantasy stat for evaluating pitchers in 5x5 leagues
03/18/02 - My First Day as a Tout - my introduction to the Tout Wars and my draft results
03/08/02 - It Adds Up - A variation on the idea of line-up protection.
02/26/02 - Theories revisited - A stern look at some of the previous theories forwarded on this site
01/21/02 - Tenacious O: A New System for Evaluating Minor Leaguers - Jack Black's musical avatar provides the theme for a new way to look at hitting prospects

A Non-Baseball Editorial - Why Aliens Keep Their Distance

2001 Columns
12/07/01 - I See You Shiver, with Anticip... - Thoughts on some of the events of this very busy offseason
10/22/01 - Well, Not Quite - This year's World Series match-up might be better than expected.
10/15/01 - The Worst of All Possible Worlds - Why a Yankees/Braves World Series would be bad
10/05/01 - If You Say So - Some perspective on Barry Bonds' remarkable achievements
09/30/01 - OK, You Need to Do Something Else - Some people don't understand the most basic principles of baseball
09/18/01 - Words and Meaning - A few words about the tragic events of the past week.
08/16/01 - ...and DOWN the stretch they come - Sizing up the division and wildcard races for the final quarter of the season
08/09/01 - Move it or Lose it - Relocation of several teams will help level the playing field
08/07/01 - A Better Hall - Maz and the Vet's Committee change the face of the Hall of Fame
08/02/01 - Winners and Losers at the Deadline - rating the deals
07/31/01 - Just Play Ball! - baseball's unwritten rules are at the center of another recent flap.
07/26/01 - Fail to the Chief - Is Bud Selig the embodiment of evil or a bumbling goof?  Neither
07/07/01 - Age and Production - part
one of a study on what a player's debut age may tell about his future.
07/05/01 - Small-Star Game - This year's All-Star Game holds less appeal than previous editions
06/27/01 - Assessing the Contenders - What the top teams need to make the playoffs
06/21/01 - That's Just Silly - Bonds and Gonzales are having unbelievable years
06/14/01 - Junkyard Wars - What GMs do and why the Pirates are doomed to the scrapheap.
06/10/01 - Contraction? - Can Major League Baseball successfully dissolve several teams?
06/06/01 - Scientific Baseball - Can a strategy from the 1890's still work today?
06/05/01 - The First 7 Rounds - a quick look at the first few rounds of the 2001 draft
06/04/01 - The June Amateur Draft - my preview of the first round of tomorrow's draft
05/25/01 - Into the First Turn - checking out the division races after the first quarter of the season.
05/22/01 - The Faces of Clutch - More theory and the first stats on clutch hitting.
05/19/01 - Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus - a re-examination of the clutch hitter phenomenon
05/16/01 - Time Out of Mind - part 2 on coaches... how much can a hitting coach influence?
05/14/01 - Madman Across the Water - part 1 of 2... can a coach bring about a breakout season?
05/09/01 - I'm alright. Don't nobody worry 'bout me. - Randy Johnson's gem and the near future of pitching.
05/08/01 - Popped Back to the Screen - What makes a great baseball movie?
05/05/01 - Heaven Can't Wait - Here're two more teams that could add to the list of early season surprises
05/01/01 - What is an All-Star? - The All-Star game is pretty good, but we can do much better.
04/27/01 - Double A, Ready to Go - Off to hot starts in AA, these players could be making their debuts soon.
04/26/01 - Not Far Away - Here are some players in AAA who could help their major league clubs right now.
04/25/01 - Who Are These Guys? - Are these players the real deal or just off to a hot start?
04/23/01 - The Physics of a Juiced Ball -  New information has come to light regarding the recent explosion in home runs
04/18/01 - The New Strikezone? - I thought they were going to use the rulebook to establish the strikezone.
04/12/01 - The Strikezone, the Schedule and Other Observations - What the surprising early season results may tell us.
04/01/01 - April Fools - They're good.  But are they THAT good?
03/31/01 - Brian Cole - More than baseball loses a promising young man
03/06/01 - The Veteran's Committee - Who I'd like to see get in the Hall via the VC vote.
03/05/01 - 2001 Top Hitting Prospects- A listing of the top hitting prospects and a new way to measure them

Team Previews: AL East   AL Central  AL West   NL East   NL Central   NL West
02/16/01 - Groundballs, Closers and the Periodic Table - Confirmation of a theory and speculation on the future of sabremetrics.
02/07/01 - Plugging in the Numbers -  A bit of chaos theory makes it's way into winter/spring hot stove talk.
01/31/01 - More on the "New" Strikezone - Changing the strikezone can herald dramatic changes in pitchers' performance
01/26/01 - The Strange Tale of Livan Hernandez  - More on pitch counts and how Hernandez managed to have such a good year
01/25/01 - The New Strikezone -  Where did it come from?  who's gonna hate it?  who's gonna love it?
01/17/01 - Why the Yankees always win - A brief explanation why the Yankees will win the next 100 World Series.
01/13/01 - New Hope in Philly - The Phillies have overcome a huge obstacle this offseason and might compete for the NL East
01/02/01 - The State of the Game in 2001 - Answering a question from a reader about the state of the game
2000 Minor League Reviews - A quick post season look back at the stars of the future.

2001 Fantasy League Columns
In Janurary of 2001, I was asked to participate in a mock draft with a number of notable fantasy and rotisserie baseball experts for the benefit of Sandbox users.  It was standard draft and after each pick we would offer a brief summary of our reasons for choosing each player.  It is a mixed league using Sandbox's fantasy points scoring.  Our responsibility was solely for the draft, but I feel there is value in understanding the moves we make as the season goes along.  Rarely are leagues won at the draft.  Most leagues are won by the owners who understand 1) which players are increasing in value as the season progresses, 2) which ones are decreasing in value and 3) how best to take advantage of that knowledge.  Here is my commentary from that season:
10/08/01 - ...And I Need to Go On, On, on, on - the final commentary and standings of the 2001 Sandbox Mock Draft Experts League
09/28/01 - She Came in Through the Bathroom Window - some thoughts about this season and a couple thoughts about next year
09/21/01 - Are You Ready for Some Football? - The homestretch for my Sandbox team has been pot-holed with injuries.
09/07/01 - Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes - injuries and roster management down the stretch in a mixed league like Sandbox
08/31/01 - September - Understanding September's numbers can give an advantage for next year.

08/24/01 - Youth Movement - More young pitchers who can make an impact on both the major league and fantasy season races
08/17/01 - A Little Boost - two extraordinary seasons bear a closer look, and a trade in the Sandbox league
08/10/01 - Stretch Slumpers - This weeks' Sandbox update lists the most likely candidates for a late season slump.
08/03/01 - Ammo for the Stretch Run - some sleeper players for the final 2 months
07/27/01 - The Trade Deadline - a quick look at who has changed teams and who still might.
07/20/01 - Fantasy vs. Reality - Baseball's ugly stepchild is looking better and better
07/06/01 - A Man of Constant Sorrow - the tale of Ulysses and fantasy baseball?  yep.
06/29/01 - My Everyman - This week's Sandox update pays homage to the great Jack Lemmon
06/22/01 - What Hump? - Young Frankenstein provides the theme to this week's Sandbox update
06/15/01 - Four at the Crossroads - This weeks' Sandbox update looks at 4 players facing question marks.
06/08/01 - Glengarry Sandbox - a great movie inspires this week's Sandbox update
06/01/01 - Cool Hand Felipe? - how much can a manager affect his team's fortunes; this week's Sandbox update
05/25/01 - A Kind of Magic - news and notes from the Sandbox League and some pitching strategy
05/18/01 - Brain Damage -  Pink Floyd gave me the inspiration for this week's Sandbox update
05/10/01 - The Midnight Special  - news and notes from the Sandox League
05/04/01 - A New Hope - A closer look at pitching in the Sandox League
04/27/01 - Playing in the Sandbox - the first in a series of weekly updates on the Mock Draft Experts League
02/02/01 - The First Draft of 2001, part 5 - the final picks of the draft and my take on the team I drafted
01/29/01 - The First Draft of 2001, part 4 - the starting roster is mostly assembled by rounds 16-20
01/24/01 - The First Draft of 2001, part 3 - The plot thickens in rounds 11-15.
01/23/01 - The First Draft of 2001, part 2 - I outline my basic strategy and offer analysis of my first 10 picks
01/22/01 - The First Draft of 2001 - invited me to participate in an expert's league.  Part 1 of a season long series.

2000 Columns
11/02/00 - Ballpark, anyone?

  - With all the new ballparks that are being built, who really benefits?
10/24/00 - What's up with Roger? - Examining the circumstances and the fallout from Clemen's escapades
10/10/00 - How Offensive - guess what?  a LOT of runs are being scored.
2000 Minor League Reviews - A quick post season look back at the stars of the future.
09/15/00 - The Power of a Dream  - OK, it's not about baseball.  But there's more to life than just baseball, right?
09/14/00 - September Song  - September numbers offer valuable clues as to who might be closing games next year.
09/07/00 - A Giant Upset - The pennant races and the World Series will have a very surprising outcome.
09/06/00 - Fan Reform - There's a growing problem in baseball - too much offense.  And I'm not talking about home runs
08/29/00 - We Want a Pitcher... - Everyone is looking for pitching.  Here's a little primer on how to spot it.
08/24/00 - About the Numbers - Stats and projections are wonderful tools for discussions.  But they don't always tell the whole story.
08/22/00 - The AL Finish - Are there seeds of a collapse in the AL?  Who will surprise this season and next?
08/18/00 - ...and DOWN the Stretch They Come...  - a look back at the first 3/4 of the season and a look ahead at the final quarter.
08/09/00 - Fantasy Stretch Run  - How to improve your team over the last 8 weeks of the season.
08/01/00 - Rating the Trades  - A look at the winners and losers of July's frenzy.
07/29/00 - Catching Up - A little time off afforded me some time to look into the offensive explosion.
06/26/00 - Strength of Schedule - Is the schedule too much of a deciding factor?
06/15/00 - Age in the Metric System - Rafael Furcal and HBO shed new light on an age old issue.
06/14/00 - Sosa and Other Developments - where is Sammy Sosa likely headed and some possible turn around in the NL
06/08/00 - Blown Arms and Other Ghost Stories - Part 2 on pitch counts, reconstructed arms and sports medicine
06/02/00 - Changing of the Guard - There is a new face on the prototype closer
05/24/00 - Are You Kidding Me? - The Yanks have some problems.  The media has the solutions?
05/23/00 - Pitch Counts (part 1) - A little history and theory on sagacious use of a pitching arm.  Part 1 of  2
05/23/00 - Into the First Turn... - A look at the division races as we pass the first quarter mark of the season
05/17/00 - Help is on the Way - Some clubs might not have to go into the trade market to get what they need.
05/16/00 - The True Value of a Closer - Felipe Alou turned some heads when he converted his staff ace into a temporary closer.
05/08/00 - Is It Too Early? - Fusaichi Pegasus might be the first Triple Crown winner in 22 years.  Can someone do the same in baseball?
05/03/00 - Minor Distractions  - It's just early May, but here are 7 prospects making a whole lot of noise already.
05/02/00 - What's wrong with the Yankees? - They're winning, but can they keep it up?
05/01/00 - Hot Aprils and other Brushfires  - How important is a good April to a team's or a player's overall chances of success?
04/16/00 - Cal and the 3000 - Cal Ripken is the latest to reach one of baseball's most prestigious milestones
2000 Previews -  NL West        NL Central         NL East           AL West        AL Central        AL East
03/01/00 - Top 50 Prospects - My list of the top 50 prospects in the majors plus some honorable mentions from the NL.
02/21/00 - Winter League Sleepers - the first in a series of updates looking at this year's potential surprise players
01/10/00 - the Greatest Athlete Debate - Who had the greatest impact on his/her sport and society.

Spring Training Diary for 2000


1999 Columns

10/11/99 - Is Bobby Cox the Best Ever - Taking a closer look at the manager of the "Team of the Decade".
A 6-part look back at my 1999 preseason predictions: NL West     NL Central     NL East     AL West      AL Central     AL East
09/15/99 - Greatest Athletes and Other Myths - What do Milla Jovavich, Eric Heiden and Erubial Durazo have in common?
09/06/99 - 5 Ways to Keep Interest Alive - When September comes and you've got no shot at the money, here's what to do.
09/02/99 - Prospects for 2000, Part Deux - The follow-up to last week's look at hot pitching prospects.  This week: hitters.
08/26/99 - Hot Prospects for 2000, Alex - Here're 4 pitchers who'll be on everyone's top 50 prospect list next year.
08/25/99 - Last Minute Adjustments - Can last minute trades make that big a difference?
08/16/99 - How Much Difference Do Managers Make? - Sometimes they really don't know what's best for the team.
08/05/99 - Which Way to Cooperstown? - My good friend Skunks Mergatroid and I discuss our nation's two pastimes.
08/04/99 - Fahrenheit 451 - There's a ton of great third baseman in the NL... it's gonna get more crowded very soon.
08/01/99 - Trade Deadline: the Reckoning - Analysis of the trades involving NL teams that beat the deadline.
07/28/99 - The Best Tools for 2001 - Which minor leaguers were voted as having the most potential by the managers.
07/26/99 - The Trade Deadline - Analysis of some of the early deadline deals and a few guesses at future ones.
07/23/99 - The Ryan Commuter - Was Nolan Ryan really one of the greatest pitchers ever?
07/21/99 - Prospect Watch - A second look at a couple of prospects, a couple of new ones, and some minor league trivia.
07/19/99 - Second Half Stars and Slumpers - Are these guys really this bad?
07/16/99 - All Stars: Today and Beyond - This year's All Star Festivities were some of the most memorable.
07/09/99 - My Impression of a USA Today Columnist/CNN Talk Show Host - Random thoughts on stuff
07/07/99 - Furcal - Perhaps the most exciting prospect since Andruw Jones and Vladimir Guerrero is a shortstop
07/05/99 - First Half Pitching Pretenders? - Are these guys really this good?
06/30/99 - Smokey and the 3 Bears - One studly pitcher and three monster hitters worth mythologizing
06/28/99 - Managers or Manglers?  - One has to wonder how these guys became Major League managers.
06/18/99 - Rewind, please - Why is everyone against instant replay?
06/16/99 - Ben Davis - The Padres unheralded backstop is beginning to look worth heralding.
06/14/99 - The Secret to Good Pitching - Does your roto-pitching stink?  Here's a way to solve some problems without an ace.
Preseason analysis for 1999:  NL West   NL Central     NL East    AL West    AL Central      AL East


10/01/98 - Remembering the Quiz - A few thoughts on the passing of one of my favorite players