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The Chicago White Sox surprised everyone last year, but not by winning the division.  Many people predicted that this young talented team would give the Indians a run for their money.  No, what surprised most people was the fact that they ran away with the division so easily and that the Tribe failed to make the playoffs for the first time in 5 years.  A record number of injuries played the largest role in the Tribe's failure.  This year both teams will have slightly different looks, as each added some promising personnel.  The Tigers have also helped themelves this offseason and are in the process of developing some good pitching.  The Royals, who already have a fine offense, traded for some stability in the bullpen in the hope that they can hold on to more leads.  The Twins still haven't found an offense but are on the verge of home growing the best rotation in the division.

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The White Sox addition of David Wells will certainly help them stay on top, but it's questionable whether or not the career years from James Baldwin and Cal Eldred were for real.  If not, they will have to depend on a lot of highly rated but inexperienced youngsters.  A healthy Tribe team has the best offense in the AL and enough starting pitching to make some noise in the playoffs.  Their biggest question mark, due to their advancing age, is health.  Can this team stay away from the spate of injuries that derailed them last year?  In the end, I simply don't believe the White Sox pitching was as good as it seemed last year.  Detroit is moving in the right direction but their rotation is still a starter or two away from being competitive.  The addition of Roberto Hernandez will certainly provide a psychological boost to the team that blew more leads than any, but this team is still a few horses short in the rotation to compete with the two frontrunners.  The Twins have developed a fine pitching staff but the organizational insistence to play little ball will doom this team to perpetually dwell in the cellar.


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