AL West

Despite winning an AL record 116 games, the Mariners fell short of their goal of a World Championship, once again, undone by the Yankees.  They've shored up the weaknesses in left and third from last year, but it's probably a year too late for that.  To expect repeat career performances from so many is overly optimistic.  The A's have the pitching staff to step into the void, but the loss of Jason Giambi will be very difficult to recoup.  The Rangers have spent a ton of money upgrading the pitching staff and if most of those guys stay healthy, they could sneak up on Oakland and Seattle.  Their offense should be fun to watch regardless.  Anaheim has some decent players and a manager who doesn't know the meaning of quit, but just don't have the talent top to bottom to stay out of the cellar.

Predicted Finish
Oakland A's
Seattle Mariners
Texas Rangers
Anaheim Angels