Expert League Finishes

Rather than only post my successes in expert league competition, I felt it was important to show how I've done in every expert league I've ever competed in as well as where I finished in the standings. I figure it's best to be honest about my failures as well as my successes


I've listed the league format, the number of participants and included a link for post-season analysis when I wrote something. . 


I qualify an "expert league" as any league where at least 80% of the people participating in it write and/or broadcast analysis/opinion on fantasy baseball. To give you an idea of the people I have and/or continue to compete with in these leagues, here are some names you might be familiar with (in no particular order): Ron Shandler (Baseball Forecaster, The Athletic), Jim Callis (Baseball America,, Kevin Goldstein (Houston Astros, Fangraphs), Steve Moyer (Baseball Info Solutions, STATS Inc), Lawr Michaels (Creative Sports, CBS Sportsline), Todd Zola (ESPN), Jason Grey (ESPN, Tampa Bay Rays), Steve Gardner (USA Today), Peter Kreutzer/Alex Patton (Ask Rotoman, Patton and Company), Brian Walton (Creative Sports), Jeff Erickson (Rotowire), Greg Ambrosius (NFBC), Derek Van Riper (The Athletic), Gene McCaffery (The Athletic), Doug Dennis (Baseball Forecaster), Tony Blengino (Milwaukee Brewers, Seattle Mariners), Joe Sheehan (Baseball Prospectus) and Matthew Berry (ESPN). Many of them are members of the Fantasy Baseball Hall of Fame, while others took their expertise into the front offices of Major League Baseball teams.  

bold = league championship

2001 Sandbox (mixed - points league) – 1st of 10

2002 AL Tout Wars (roto) – 9th of 12

2003 AL Tout Wars (roto) – 3rd of 12
2003 Mixed Nuts (mixed roto) – 3rd of 18

2004 AL Tout Wars (roto)- 1st of 12

2004 Mixed Nuts (mixed roto) – 6th of 18

2005 AL Tout Wars (roto) – 9th of 12
2005 SOMBOE (Strat-O-Matic) – 1st of 12
2005 XFL (mixed keeper) – 4th of 15

2006 SOMBOE (Strat-O-Matic) - tied for 3rd of 12 (best regular season record, lost in the first round of the playoffs to the eventual champion)
2006 AL Tout Wars (roto) – 1st of 12
2006 XFL (mixed keeper)  - tied for 4th of 15

2007 Strat-O-Matic '69 Challenge – 8th of 12
2007 wAL Fanalytic (Scoresheet) – 10th of 12
2007 NL Tout Wars (roto) – 9th of 13
2007 XFL (mixed keeper) – 8th of 15
2007 SOMBOE (Strat-O-Matic) - tied for 8th of 12

2008 XFL (Mixed Keeper) – 3rd of 15

2009 XFL (Mixed Keeper) – 6th of 15

2010 XFL (Mixed Keeper) – 4th of 15


2011 XFL (Mixed Keeper) – 14th of 15


2012 XFL (Mixed Keeper) – 4th of 15


2013 XFL (Mixed Keeper) – 1st of 15


2014 XFL (Mixed Keeper) – 9th of 15


2015 XFL (Mixed Keeper) – 3rd of 15


2016 XFL (Mixed Keeper) – 5th of 15


2017 XFL (Mixed Keeper) – 2nd of 15


2018 XFL (Mixed Keeper) – 7th of 15


2019 XFL (Mixed Keeper) – 5th of 15


2020 XFL (Mixed Keeper) – 2nd of 15


2021 XFL (Mixed Keeper -  2nd of 15