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This forum is a departure from my usual faire, but I hope you enjoy it.  Whether you like what I have to say or you fundamentally disagree with me, I'd like to hear your reactions so please don’t hesitate to comment on my Facebook page.  If you think I have my facts wrong, by all means, find a citation and let me know about it there, too.  Thanks!


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I’ve posted a database of Politifact (politifact.com) stats.  That website grades the statements of each politician, pundit and organization as either true, half true, false or “pants on fire” lies.  The Politifact site makes the distinction between true and mostly true (likewise false and mostly false) but I do not.  Additionally, in the percentages, I have apportioned a half point to both true and false columns for each “half true” statement made.  The “pants on fire” comments are included in the percentage of false statements, but I thought it was useful to give them their own column since these are generally outright lies that could easily be fact-checked.  Enjoy!


Politics Database