The Work of Bill Deane

Bill Deane is a statistical researcher who finds some of the most intriguing stats and stories in baseball.  He's a regular poster on the SABR newsgroup and has given me permission to post some of his research.

THE Statman - Stats and stories behind Ichiro, Rogers Hornsby, 4-time batting champ Bill Madlock and single season triples king Owen Wilson
Team Failures - The Reds poor track record with pitchers in the 60s and 70s, and the biggest World Series meltdowns in history
More Gems from Deane - Bill Deane's picks for some of the more interesting accomplishments of 2002
More Deane Gems from '03 - Everything from Jack Morris' HoF candidacy to some of the strangest pitching feats ever
Stuff You Didn't Know - Deane addresses called shots, 3-pitch innings, hot hitting and Mickey Mantle