Remembering the Quiz (10/1/98)

In a season of monumental achievements, the passing of Dan Quisenberry will be one of the things that is talked about the least, but one of the things I will remember most about 1998.

Noted for his unorthodox submarine delivery (almost underhand), he was one of the greatest relief pitchers in the history of baseball.  He was the first man to record back-to-back 40-save seasons and he helped the Kansas City Royals to two World Series.

But what I will remember about him is his quiet, unassuming yet wry personality.
After losing the World Series to the Phillies in 1980, a reporter in the locker room asked Quisenberry, "What do you plan to do now that the Series is over?"  He replied, "I'm looking forward to putting on my glasses with the fake nose so I can walk around and be a normal person."

In talking about his simple lifestyle, he once said, "I've got no dreams of a palace.  I couldn't get a moat - I can't afford alligators and I don't like drawbridges.  And there's always that wasted dungeon."

Last fall, he was diagnosed with a grade 4 brain tumor, the most serious.  Many would have said that life was unfair.  Quiz said of his mortal destiny: "I'm not gonna cry 'why me?'  I've been so fortunate in life... why not me?"

Dan Quisenberry died yesterday at his home, in the embrace of his family.  He was 45.